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Manufacturer of Isolated Pure Compounds and Intermediates

       All Aktin Branded products are produced in Aktin-owned or contracted facilities and the processing quality-management system is well established and automatically run in the entire manufacturing procedure. Our computerized batch control system ensures that even the largest orders are handled punctually and reliably.Equipped with most advanced analytical instruments like HPLC, UV Spectrophotometer, GC, Automatic Polarimeter and complete range of balancing equipments, our Q/C laboratory operates accurate in-house quality control of the finished products, intermediates and raw materials. Every single step of the manufacturing procedure is well recorded in our plants and every single analytical result is well documented in our labs. In case of any quality discrepancy against our established standards, our Q/C professionals will detect and solve it immediately before the batch goes to the interior package house.

        Since we absolutely understand the importance of quality assurance and consistency in today’s market, all Aktin products to be dispatched to our customers are re-tested and issued with Aktin authorized Certificate of Analysis.